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Dimension profile



Health represents the integration of physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing. In Melbourne, our health is influenced by social and physical environmental factors. We have a comparatively strong public health system, but the focus is still predominantly on treating poor health rather than promoting wellbeing, and health equity varies considerably across the city.

Principles for Health in a regenerative Melbourne

Health in a regenerative Melbourne must be:

  • Enabled through physical and social environments, recognising the contextual factors and social determinants that influence personal wellbeing
  • Holistic, integrating a range of approaches to physical, mental and emotional wellness
  • Designed to effectively and equitably respond to complex personal, societal and ecological conditions

What we want



Melbourne’s built, natural and social environments support residents to live physically and mentally healthy lives

What we're measuring 2030 Target Now

Proportion of people reporting that they have two or more chronic diseases

Under 15% 19.3%

Proportion of people reporting very high levels of psychological distress

Under 5% 8.4%

Proportion of people self-reporting that their health is poor

Under 1% 5.4%



Everyone in Melbourne can access high-quality integrated health services throughout their lives

What we're measuring 2030 Target Now

Proportion of people who at least once delayed or did not see a GP when needed due to cost

0% 3.1%

Proportion of people waiting longer than they felt acceptable for a GP appointment

Under 10% 21.6%

Placing Health in the system

Local to global connections

Melburnians’ health is primarily driven by local environmental and social factors, but these, as well as the nature of the health system, are defined by cultural norms at a national level and influenced by global trends and technologies in the health sector.

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How was this dimension developed?

The Health dimension of the Greater Melbourne City Portrait, including the conceptual framing and data selection, has been developed in collaboration with sector experts from academia, government and industry. A detailed description of the City Portrait methodology is outlined in the About section of the website.

Where can I access the data?

Data for Health, along with the other Social Founation dimensions are available in the Social Foundations Dataset.

For Ecological Celing dimensions, see the Ecological Ceiling Dataset.

Where can I find more information on Health in a regenerative Melbourne?

The City Portrait is informed by extensive research and resources on Doughnut Economics and related frameworks, as well as sector-specific research associated with each dimension. More detailed research that has informed the Health dimension is available to explore via Altiorem's library.

How can I get involved?

To get involved with ongoing development of the City Portrait or learn more about Regen Melbourne, email