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Dimension profile

Equality in Diversity


Melbourne is beautifully diverse, but our experiences of the city differ based on our race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability. While individual relationships with the city and its institutions are deeply personal, changes to these systems are critical to ensuring that all people in Melbourne have the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Principles for Equality in Diversity in a regenerative Melbourne

Equality in diversity in a regenerative Melbourne must be:

  • Reflective of the varied personal experiences of individuals, including an understanding of the role of intersectionality and an acknowledgement of the limitations of considering diversity at a community or metro level
  • Strengths-based and centred on the collective benefits that come from valuing diversity in all its forms
  • Represented through changes in systems at all levels

What we want



Melbourne’s diversity is represented in its institutions, enabling people in Melbourne to have equal opportunity to fulfil their potential without fear of harm

What we're measuring 2030 Target Now

Gender pay gap

Under 5% 12.9%

Proportion of the overall public sector workforce in Victoria identifying as Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander

Over 2% 0.8%

Proportion of the overall public sector workforce in Victoria identifying as having a cultural background from non-main English-speaking countries

Over 30% 16.9%

Proportion of the overall public sector workforce in Victoria identifying as a person with a disability

Over 17% 5.1%

Proportion of the overall public sector workforce in Victoria identifying as LGBTIQ+

Over 9% 8.9%

Proportion of the overall public sector workforce in Victoria age 15-24 and 65+

Over 17.9% 10.1%



Celebration of Melbourne’s diversity is embedded in public life in the city

What we're measuring 2030 Target Now

Proportion of people who report that multiculturalism makes life better in their area

Over 90% 88.2%

Proportion of central city events sponsored by the City of Melbourne that celebrate Melbourne's diverse population

Over 50% 57.8%

Proportion of people living in local government areas that have adopted or are developing Reconciliation Action Plans or reconciliation strategies or commitments

Individual Greater Melbourne council websites, accessed October 2023

100% 99%

Placing Equality in Diversity in the system

Local to global connections

Equality in diversity in Melbourne is both deeply personal and linked to policies, programs, attitudes and beliefs at local, state, national and global scales. Policies and programs have the potential to shape attitudes and beliefs and to either perpetuate discrimination or purposefully counteract it. Equality outcomes in Melbourne are impacted by factors on a scale greater than the city, but likewise, the actions taken within Melbourne have the potential to influence change beyond the city.

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How was this dimension developed?

The Equality in Diversity dimension of the Greater Melbourne City Portrait, including the conceptual framing and data selection, has been developed in collaboration with sector experts from academia, government and industry. A detailed description of the City Portrait methodology is outlined in the About section of the website.

Where can I access the data?

Data for Equality in Diversity, along with the other Social Founation dimensions are available in the Social Foundations Dataset.

For Ecological Celing dimensions, see the Ecological Ceiling Dataset.

Where can I find more information on Equality in Diversity in a regenerative Melbourne?

The City Portrait is informed by extensive research and resources on Doughnut Economics and related frameworks, as well as sector-specific research associated with each dimension. More detailed research that has informed the Equality in Diversity dimension is available to explore via Altiorem's library.

How can I get involved?

To get involved with ongoing development of the City Portrait or learn more about Regen Melbourne, email